Adobe MAX 2010 highlights

I was fortunate to attend Adobe MAX this year and saw first-hand many of the amazing technologies and innovations. Digital publishing, rich content development for multi-screens and new breakthroughs for established technologies such as Photoshop are definitely some of the highlights that are relevant to designers and developers and I’d like to share them with you.

While discussing Martha Stewart Living as an example of the power and advancements of digital publishing, Martha herself showed up to demonstrate how Adobe has helped take the digital magazine category to a whole new level. With time lapse photography for covers; easy scroll options for recipes; and different photo options for readers, the digital version of the magazine allows the reader to go as deep as they want. The future of digital publishing is going to allow people, as Martha puts it, to not just tell a story, but to show a story. Check out Martha’s walk on here:

With mobile computing being all the rage, Adobe revealed new ways of unleashing our inner artist in the most institutive sense. Kevin Lynch showed how designers can use virtual water colour paints and seamless integration between the tablet and the PC. The makers of CS5 have made using PhotoShop on a tablet an incredible experience, with just a few moves of your finger you can eliminate images, mix colour palates and bring them onto your desktop in seconds. To witness some of this stuff by checking out the video below.

ERIC TANG for Adobe PR in Canada


About rgddesignthinkers

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) is the professional body for graphic designers in Ontario. RGD grants graphic designers who qualify the right to use the designations Registered Graphic Designer and R.G.D., a quality signal of standards of professional practice. RGD has approximately 2800 members. Attracting over 1,000 participants and a full line-up of fascinating speakers, DesignThinkers is Canada’s largest, most important graphic design event. It’s an occasion to listen, learn and interact with peers from across the country.
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